Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh, the places we'll go!

How does Phoenix, Arizona sound?

Well, okay, maybe we won't *actually* go to Phoenix, but with a little imagination, we'll take our audiences there!  In our upcoming play, Scott Organ's Phoenix - coming soon to Matrix Theatre's stage - we'll follow the story of Sue and Bruce; two people living in New York City.  They go out on a... well, maybe it isn't a date... we'll call it drinks.  They go out for drinks.  One thing leads to another and, well, you know... And four weeks later, which is where the play begins, Sue has some pretty important stuff to say to Bruce.

Phoenix rehearsals started last night at Matrix Theatre Company, and we're REALLY excited about this one!  Here's a couple of shots from the first read-through:
From left to right:  Tricia Turek playing Sue, Samer Ajluni playing Bruce,
David Woitulewicz (stage manager), and Stephanie Nichols (director).
Samer Ajluni, reading the part of Bruce
 in the first read-through of Phoenix.
Does Samer look familiar?  He should, if you had the chance to see this past fall's Death and the Maiden on the Matrix stage!  But don't worry - we'll treat him a little better this time... and he'll get to wear more clothes.  ;)
Karen Kron, Samer Ajluni, and Patrick Loos in
Death and the Maiden, Fall of 2012

We can't wait for all of you to meet Tricia - she's very sweet and a great actress!
Tricia Turek, reading the part of Sue
in the first read-through of Phoenix.
And to think back even further, Stephanie Nichols might look VERY familiar to some of you, as well - especially those of you that saw Samuel Beckett's Happy Days, directed by our very own Dr. Shaun Nethercott.  Stephanie played the part of Winnie in that show.
Stephanie Nichols as Winnie in Matrix Theatre's
Happy Days, circa 2009.
She looks a lot happier when she's not buried up to the waist in a mound of dirt, wouldn't you say? ;)
Stephanie Nichols, director, and David Woitulewicz, stage
manager, at the first read-through for Matrix Theatre
Company's production of Scott Organ's Phoenix.
Check back here often for updates on how the show is coming along, as well as some upcoming contests where you could win SUPER COOL prizes!  Oh, and you wanted the info on when the show is happening?  

Look for this postcard in your mailbox over the next week or so!  And check out info about the show here!

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